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Asbestos can be “friable” (easily crushed into dust with the fingers) and “non friable” (difficult to crumble into dust).  They can be found on:

- Pipe and boiler insulation, ductwork, drywall and joint compound, plaster
- Sprayed on fireproofing on building beams, columns... or on acoustic ceiling
- Vinyl floor tiles, vinyl sheeting and mastic, glues, roof shingles, tar
- Transite panels and siding, lab countertop
- Windows caulking
- In attic insulation (Vermiculite)

Asbestos can cause serious health hazards.  View the health hazards here.


1.  Asbestos Containment Set-ups (type 2 and type 3)
2.  Asbestos Removal and Disposal (type 2 and type 3)
3.  Removal of Contaminated Materials and Contents
4.  HEPA Vacuum and Cleaning of Structures and Contents
5.  Air Test
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